• Motoring Writers go public

    New Zealand’s professional motoring journalist body has gone public – with a website.

    “Television, radio and print media seeking expert comment on the industry often struggle to find reputable commentators,” says Guild president Jacqui Madelin.

    “The website makes it easy to find which writers are members, what specialist topics they cover, and how to contact them,” she says.

    Guild members must agree to abide by the journalists’ code of conduct – to report objectively and accurately, and to abstain from any commercial, PR or advertising connections with the motoring industry.

    “Non-members may also work to high standards,” Madelin says, “but that’s a requirement of Guild membership.”

    Those checking into the site – nzmotoringwritersguild.co.nz – can track which cars have won the New Zealand Car of the Year and check out the Guild’s growing archive of press releases outlining its stance on various roading issues.

    “We expect some folk to get into the habit of checking in, as members will regularly post a pic from recent events on the Guild’s home page,” Madelin says.

    The site’s also likely to approve to readers, looking to see who they can trust to supply impartial motoring advice.”



    For further information see www.nzmotoringwritersguild.co.nz



    Jacqui Madelin

    0274 751 521


    Vice president:

    John Oxley

    021 478 119



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