• Stocks honoured – award recognises years of service to Kiwi motorists

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    Stella Stocks is the latest recipient of the prestigious Neil Nelson award, presented annually by the New Zealand Motoring Writers Guild.

    The award is presented to the person judged to have made a significant contribution to the motoring industry, and honours the memory of the late Neil Nelson of Palmerston North, former president of the Guild.

    Guild president Jacqui Madelin said the award acknowledged the passion Stocks has put into her role, which includes pivotal involvement in the EnergyWise Rally that measures real world fuel economy on NZ roads, and the country’s only car awards that judges every car on sale.

    “To be nominated for this award, it’s not enough to just do your job,” Madelin said. “It takes passion and commitment above and beyond the norm.”

    “Stocks’ commitment to bringing relevant information to the ordinary New Zealand motorist driving on a bread-and-butter budget, the passion she takes to her role, is worthy of recognition.”

    The AA’s general manager of Technical Services, Stocks seemed overwhelmed by the award. She said her commitment was easy, because she loves her job, and the people with whom she works.

    Guild members at the award presentation recalled the many times Stocks has dropped the corporate persona to get her hands dirty when required; if something needs doing she’ll do it – which at times has seen her under a car with a spanner rather than awaiting a less senior technician.




    Caption: Stella Stocks (left) accepts the Motoring Writers’ Guild’s Neil Nelson award and a commemorative plaque from president Jacqui Madelin (right)


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