About Us

The New Zealand Motoring Writer’s Guild is the professional organisation for New Zealanders engaged in the field of motoring journalism

The objectives of the Guild include:

  • To provide an organisation for persons engaged in the field of motoring journalism.
  • To strive constantly to raise the standards of motoring journalism, to encourage motoring and motor sport, and to promote road safety in every way.
  • To define standards for motoring journalists, and to guard and promote such standards in order to protect and enhance members’ interests.
  • To approve annual awards for excellence in motoring and motor sport journalism and photography, wherever such awards will encourage improved standards and greater public awareness of such standards.
  • To facilitate the effective pursuit of members’ vocations by fostering communication and dialogue between members and motor sport and motor industry leaders, with particular emphasis on the flow of freely available information from manufacturers and distributors.
  • To provide opportunities for liaison among members of the Guild, and for the acquisition and dissemination of useful information connected with the profession.
  • To generally watch over, promote and protect the mutual interests of its members

Some guidelines around becoming and staying a member:

Any person of proven good character may be admitted to full membership of the Guild who satisfies a majority of the Executive at the time of application that he or she is substantially involved in automotive or transport-related journalism or commentary in any media, the interpretation of the term “substantially” and all other interpretations being left to the discretion of the executive members examining the application. From time to time, by majority vote of the full membership at the Annual General Meeting, codicils and conditions may govern this clause, which may be applied, modified and lifted by majority vote at any Annual General Meeting or any special meeting of the full membership.

Any applicant for full membership of the Guild shall satisfy a majority of the executive of the time that he or she is not directly involved in the sale of advertising or in the practice of automotive-related public relations in any media whatsoever.